Sukesh and Nupur Dhingra

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Sukesh and Nupur Dhingra

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Since time immemorial, attar fragrances have pleased and charmed hundreds of thousands of people across the world. From the ‘scent-capitals’ of the world such as France, Delhi, Egypt, Arabia, the demand for attar fragrances has continually increased. Attars have been famous in the Middle East for more than thousand years, but were generally unavailable in the West, until now. Sukesh and Nupur Dhingra, an entrepreneur couple based in Ghaziabad decided to reignite the magic of attar fragrances and transform their passion for perfumes to something concrete. This couple’s inherent flair for perfumes and ingenuity has resulted in an awesome range of exquisite attar perfumes, and won them a following among the country’s Crème de la crème. The Pure essentials fragrances can be easily compared to most of the international brands like Bvlgari, David off , Lacoste , Versace , Ck and Gucci etc. These fragrances are prepared according to the Indian climate and designed to suit all types of skin. Highly recommended by the entire Shoppers’ Darbar team !! Long lasting pleasant fragrances that are equivalent to some of the biggest international brands and perfectly suited for everyone’s pocket. What else can we ask for??? Must try once !!

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